Coming Soon: SENSE Accreditation

AWS is currently developing a SENSE accreditation program to be launched in 2021. We call this program the AWS SENSE Advanced Education and Training Program (AETP). The goal is to provide greater standardization for welding education programs.

To obtain AETP accreditation, training organizations will be evaluated to determine if the curriculum, procedures, equipment and staff meet predetermined qualification criteria to ensure proper welder education, skills training, and performance qualification.

The evaluation process will include:

  1. Submittal of an initial application along with a quality assurance manual that adheres to the AWS QC21 and EG21 standards.
  2. Curriculum approval: If a school utilizes the AWS Fundamentals of Welding curriculum, the curriculum approval process is bypassed.
  3. Initial on-site audit and annual self-audits thereafter with reaccreditation on the fifth year.

Please note that we have not set a definitive date for the program. Once we have established a launch date. we will issue a notification. The program requirements as set forth by the accreditation standards (QC21/EG21) are currently being reviewed and, therefore, have not been published yet.