AWS SENSE Training Organization Update

As AWS transitions schools to the new SENSE Online system we are seeking to update all of the SENSE school records. In order to access your account on the new SENSE Online system, all schools are required to update their contact information. In order to update your schools information, please download the SENSE Training Organization spreadsheet.

Once you have entered all the required information, please email the document back to us at Once we receive this information, we can build your school profile on the new SENSE Online system.

SENSE Enrollment Template

In order to control the testing process during the initial launch of the SENSE Online system, AWS will create all classes and students for SENSE schools.

In order to create a class, and enroll students in that class, please download the attached Excel SENSE Enrollment Template and fill it out. Please verify student email addresses are entered correctly. Send the file back to us via email to

After your initial class is created if you need to add or delete a single student to your SENSE class, please send us the students’ first name, last name and email address. If you need to add or delete several student, please use the attached form.